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Peter Hübner
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Peter Hübner – Nature’s Laws of Harmony in the Microcosm of Music

Music Serving the Art of Healing

Linking up to this we are, in a multi-layered research plan, encouraging medical sci­en­tists in the fields of
  1. cerebral physiology
  2. chronobiology
  3. cardiology
  4. pulmonology
  5. immunology
  6. pre- and perinatal medicine
  7. geriatric medicine
  8. metabolic activity
  9. occupational physiology and
  10. rehabilitation research
to research the significance for medicine of the microcosm of music.

Subject to scientific investigation are especially the following interrelations of music and medicine:
  1. polyphony and brain-wave synchronisation
  2. the microcosm of music and changes in the biochemistry
  3. over-wave mechanics and dissolution of stress
  4. sound technology and its significance in the field of
    neurophysiological health
  5. the motive technique and its significance in the field of
    psychological health
  6. the sequence technique and its significance in the field
    of sociological health
  7. the harmony technique and its significance in the field of
    ecological health
  8. polyphony and biosynchronisation
  9. polyrhythms and biological rhythms
  10. the laws of harmony and the immune system
  11. the significance of the absolute sound substance for the
    rejuvenation process
  12. the special significance of dynamic space stereophony in
    health education
The systematic investigation and focused application of the microcosm of music in the field of medicine appears sensational in so far as it is possible today, for the first time, to grasp musical structures both qualitatively and quantitatively, to arrange them in order and to relate their parameters to those of the medical measurements objectively and with reproducibility on a scientific basis.

An objective medical application of music should be based on the natural resonance capability between the natural laws of harmony of the microcosm of music and the natural laws of harmony of biological life.

The task is to activate the natural laws of harmony of biological life via the brain using the natural laws of harmony of the microcosm of music, and in the course of this to make these more readily available to the brain activity and beyond this to the entire human organism. Following this medical formulation, we have named this kind of special, naturally structured music ‘Medical Resonance Therapy Music’.

Holistic Medicine

Ever more doctors, as well as medical research as a whole, are moving more and more clearly towards holistic medicine – towards medical treatment which involves the entire being rather than just only one aspect of the physical problem.

Modern doctors want to see their patients healed holistically and this objective directs them to an integrated medicinal effect on body and soul.
What medium could be more suitable as a psycho-physiological influence than the me­dium of naturally structured music?

With the objective, focused and natural medical-musical harmonisation of the psycho-physiological functions lies before us an almost entirely untapped potential for holistic treatment and nature medicine.

Nature medicine is ideally the knowledge about the natural healing power of living organisms. The organisms themselves possess this knowledge by virtue of their evolutionary nature, it being an inherent part of their evolution.

However, it has always been very difficult for man to gain focused insight into this natural realm of the self-healing of living organisms – let alone achieve a comprehensive un­der­stand­ing of it.

Thus, man has been experimenting for centuries in diverse ways, to activate and strengthen the natural healing processes.

“Medical Resonance Therapy Music® is not music in the general sense of the word and, as such, serves not to entertain but to be used purely for medical purposes.

The beauty of the harmonic musical preparations is directed at individual acceptance – but beyond the pleasant musical enjoyment, nature’s laws of harmony contained in the fine structures of the microcosm of the music are of central medical significance, as they alone produce the positive health-pro­mot­ing effects.”
Peter Hübner

With kind permission of AAR EDITION INTERNATIONAL