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Peter Hübner – Nature’s Laws of Harmony in the Microcosm of Music

The Position of Medical Resonance Therapy Music®
in Relation to Contemporary Orthodox Medicine

Medical Resonance Therapy Music® and its health-promoting effects in the most diverse branches of medicine can and should in no way detract from nor dispute the enormous contribution made by pharmaceutics and by modern scientific instrument medicine – it is thanks to these scientifically objective achievements of our natural-science dominated age that, in all those countries where these treatments are employed, we all enjoy a much higher life-expectation than in all other countries.

It is also often the case that the positive scientific results of Medical Resonance Therapy Music® have been achieved in conjunction with successful pharmaceutics and other modern methods of healing.

For this reason, Medical Resonance Therapy Music® can and should add to our modern society’s current field of established medical workings, just those harmonic components which have, on the one hand, been insufficiently respected by pharmaceutics – hence the numerous undesired damaging side-effects to be found in a mass of small print on the thin paper leaflets accompanying the preparations – and which, on the other hand, even scientific-technological medicine has not yet been able to understand sufficiently nor scientifically soundly as to how to integrate it into their health work.

I would be very glad if the application and utilisation of the laws of harmony of life, in the way that I as a music researcher find them in the microcosm of music and as a music maker use them, gained entry to the already very successful areas of pharmaceutics and scientific-technological medicine and could inspire those working there to recognise the great medical possibilities in the natural harmonic biological processes, in order that they might build on their existing achievements and subsequently reduce, indeed eliminate, little-by-little those undesired side-effects.

Whether those engaged in tackling this task gain the harmonic knowledge for it from their own areas of specialist knowledge or from the microcosm of music – in the way that Pythagoras emphatically recommended – is naturally a matter for the individual. I gladly avail myself personally to address any queries in this regard.

Micro Music Laboratories® – The application of natural regeneration processes of the microcosm of music in the macrocosm of music

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