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Peter Hübner – Music as a Harmonic Medical Data Carrier
It is simply a case of transmitting to the organism of the listener via the ear and the brain, information about the laws of harmony of the microcosm of music and, in doing so – according to the results of research carried out in the field of chronomedicine – conveying the laws of harmony of the natural biological function.

Just as the scientist giving a lecture uses the spoken word to transmit information about his area of research, so we use the elements of the sound purely as an information carrier or transmitter for the transference of information about the laws of harmony of the microcosm of music. The sound itself does not play a part in the medicinal effect of Medical Resonance Therapy Music® – this comes pure and simply from the effect which the harmonic information transmitted has on the appropriate parameters of the organism.

And just as, by way of comparison, the one scientist might be a Chinese man and convey contemporary mathematical knowledge in Chinese and the other be from England and convey the same knowledge in his mother tongue even though the English language sounds completely different from Chinese, so can completely different sounding harmonically structured Medical Resonance Therapy Music® convey the same harmonic information – as if in different sounding languages.
The fact that this works is proven by the results of previous medical studies, and this also proves that the medical effect is dependent only on the harmonic information inherent in the sound, not on the sound itself – even though the sound is, in its structure, naturally governed by those laws which are applicable for the correct representation of this harmonic information.

As in linguistics, where one does not confuse the sound of the language with its intrinsic meaning, in Medical Resonance Therapy Music® – as far as the medical effect is concerned – one must also not confuse presentation of sound and/or the sound structure with the information about the laws of harmony.

In this respect then, not only from a musicological but also from a medical point of view, Medical Resonance Therapy Music® can be seen purely as a carrier for information on the laws of harmony of the microcosm of music – that is to say, it is purely information about the laws of harmony of the natural biological function. Is this clear now?

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