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Peter Hübner
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  Meditative Music
The Process of Musical Perception
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In his musical work the composer pursues a clearly defined intention: step by step he wants to make his listener familiar with the liberating world of self-awareness, and he achieves this by directing the musical flow in such a way that starting from the musical tonal space his listener is taken in steps through the motif and sequence spaces into the infinite space of the harmony.

As the listener reaches this unlimited musical space of the harmony, he arrives simultaneously at himself, and has localised the dynamic musical fullness of his own self-awareness.

So, the purpose of the classical musical work lies in glorifying self-awareness the natural creative realm of the composer; and the intent of the musical creator lies in introducing the listener to the experience of pure self-awareness. To achieve this he employs the means of music.

Therefore, the musical creator follows an unwavering path. He guides the listener through the beauty of the world, and brings the harmony, according to which the world is originally organised, closer to him.

  Excerpt from:
PETER HUEBNER – Listening to Music

“The Process of Musical Perception”
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