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Harmonious & Disharmonious Music
JOURNALIST: Is there also an intellectual concept for harmonically structured music, e.g. as with 12-tone music or serial music?

Well, the microcosm of music is an existing reality of nature of enormous complexity. If I only have a small insight, then I will only make a small discovery. And if this insight deepens, then my discovery will expand. Research into the microcosm of music reveals a great number of conformities to natural laws, and from those, we are able to derive laws.

We know today that the conformities to natural laws of complex rhythmical function in the human organism which was found in chronomedicine, can also be derived from the microcosm of music, for both were recognised as identical. Johannes Kepler derived the laws, according to which the heavenly bodies move, from his knowledge of the microcosm of music. And modern nuclear physics, as well as modern astronomy, have discovered facts and realities in the sub-nuclear as well as the galactic sphere that are the same as we can also find in the microcosm of music.

Compared to such investigations and derivations of laws in the microcosm of music, the most comprehensive music theories of the avant-garde become restricted.

But the reason for this, is that in the microcosm of music we draw from that which the Creator has made. The microcosm of music is an area of His creation, and not at all created by human mind or hand. And the laws which move His countless elements, are also the Creator’s laws.

In this respect, the intellectual concept of the microcosm of music can always only be something of a musicological theory shaped by science which may then become the basis for musical creations
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