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Scientific Fundamentals of
Music Aesthetics

The Image of
Musical Beauty

The Embodiments
of Harmony

Motivation and Responsibility of the

Reversal of the Reality
of Creating Music

Analysis of the Process
of Creating Music

Music Theory

The Natural Potential
of the True Artist

Synthesis of the
Artistic and Cultural
Achievement of Music


Peter Hübner
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  Scientific Fundamentals of Music Aesthetics
Music Theory

Mu­sic the­ory con­cerns the in­ner knowl­edge of mu­sic and the ab­stract basis of mu­sic. In this sense, mu­sic the­ory con­cerns the ego, the in­tel­lect – feel­ing and un­der­stand­ing – the mind, and the sense of hear­ing.

“Art is a mediator of the unspeakable.”
Fur­ther­more, mu­sic the­ory con­cerns the mu­sic-cre­at­ing and mu­sic-cog­niz­ing self-con­scious­ness, the mu­si­cal empathy for mu­si­cal truth and the in­te­grated un­der­stand­ing of mu­si­cal struc­tures, the mu­sic-cre­at­ing me­chan­ics of the mind and the audi­tory mecha­nism of the sense of hear­ing.

Well-Founded Music Theory
Mu­sic the­ory con­cerns only mar­ginally the ar­tis­tic-acous­tical prac­tice of mu­sic per­form­ance.

The Outer Edge of Music Theory
There­fore, the in­sights pre­sented in this book re­quire a change of think­ing as far as true mu­sic the­ory is con­cerned. We will re­gard con­ven­tional mu­sic the­ory at best as a spe­cific part of a very “spe­cific mu­sic the­ory,” and we will un­der­stand the knowl­edge of mu­sic re­vealed in this book as the basis of a “gen­eral mu­sic the­ory.”

Re-Thinking in Conventional Music Theory
Spe­cific mu­sic the­ory is then, ac­cord­ing to this book, gen­eral mu­sic the­ory real­ized in the acous­tic space; and it con­cerns the in­te­grated proc­ess of mu­sic pro­duc­tion, to the tech­ni­cal re­ali­za­tion of Dy­namic Space Stereo­phony.

General and Specific Music Theory
And gen­eral mu­sic the­ory is con­cerned with the pre­ced­ing, ac­tual proc­ess of cre­at­ing mu­sic up to the com­ple­tion of the pure crea­tive achieve­ment – the mu­si­cal prod­uct on the level of the mind.

General Music Theory
Gen­eral mu­sic the­ory then ends where the com­poser knows what he wants to write down and where the in­ter­preter knows what he will play.

The Finished, Inner Sound of the Composition
And spe­cific mu­sic the­ory be­gins with writ­ing down the score, and with the outer per­form­ance.

Specific Music Theory
  With kind permission of AAR EDITION INTERNATIONAL