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  The Science of Music
The Inner Breath of Music

By its na­ture the in­ner breath is the es­sence of mu­sic. The in­ner breath en­ters the mind and enli­vens it from within. Thereby the mind gains uni­ver­sal­ity – an in­fi­nitely mani­fold form.

The Essence of the Musical Performance
The subtle vi­brat­ing of the in­ner breath within the mind brings about the con­nec­tion of all the mu­si­cal pa­rame­ters, and this per­fect co­or­di­na­tion re­sults in the natu­ral in­te­gra­tion of the com­po­si­tion.

The Process of Combining all Musical Parameters
The breath that en­ters the mind from within must not be mis­taken for our outer breath – just as the thought of a house is not iden­ti­cal with its physi­cal struc­ture. Our in­ner breath un­der­lies our think­ing, and from the depth of our mind it causes the move­ment of the mind’s sur­face; it causes its wave struc­ture.

The Seat of the Inner Breath of Music
Let’s imag­ine the smooth sur­face of the wa­ter of a lake be­ing stirred from out­side, by the wind, to move in waves. On the men­tal level this cor­re­sponds to an ex­ter­nal stimu­la­tion: through the senses of per­cep­tion or through mem­ory – which may also re­sult in some sort of com­po­si­tion.

The Uncreative Method of Creating Music
The true crea­tive men­tal stimu­la­tion through the in­ner breath is a com­pletely dif­fer­ent proc­ess. Origi­nat­ing from be­yond in­ha­la­tion and ex­ha­la­tion, and be­ing the basis of both, the in­ner breath cre­ates from within it­self a uni­ver­sal, in­fi­nitely subtle vi­bra­tion through the proc­ess of self-re­ali­za­tion. This subtle vi­bra­tion per­me­ates the sub­stance of our mind and stimu­lates it to as­sume a form; thus – on the basis of the natu­ral in­ner breath, from the in­ner free­dom of self-re­ali­za­tion – the live com­po­si­tion arises in the mind of the mu­si­cal art­ist.

The Realization of the Enlivened Composition
With the in­ner breath the most com­pre­hen­sive height of hu­man­ity, that is, the char­ac­ter­is­tics of the soul, is car­ried into mu­sic; and through the in­ner breath mu­sic, in its es­sence, is sus­tained in the mu­si­cal event. The in­ner breath is the most re­fined tool for cre­at­ing mu­sic and is the pri­mary matter of mu­sic it­self.

The Characteristics of the Soul in Music
In the full­est sense of the word, the in­ner breath is the soul of the com­po­si­tion and is the deep­est place to where the mu­sic lover can men­tally reach. Only here can the lis­tener suc­ceed in truly unit­ing with the truth ex­pres­sed in mu­sic.

And here the lis­tener ex­peri­ences him­self as iden­ti­cal with the com­poser him­self. Here the lis­tener per­ceives him­self as the com­poser of all com­po­si­tions – as the crea­tor of all mu­sic.

The Process of the Music Listener's Identification with the Composer
On this level of his in­ner breath, the cog­niz­ing lis­tener ex­peri­ences the su­preme, mu­si­cal crea­tive feel­ing of power and thus ex­peri­ences the ulti­mate hap­pi­ness of the realm of mu­sic.

He who ex­peri­ences the ma­te­rial of the mind as a sub­stance as clearly as he per­ceives the wa­ter-ma­te­rial of a wave splash­ing around him, is not yet per­ceiv­ing the lively sub­stance of that in­ner breath which causes the crea­tive, free men­tal wave func­tion from within, and which, at the same time, re­mains as if hid­den.

The Original Material of the Art of Sound
The means to per­ceive this in­ner breath lies in the com­plete in­te­gra­tion of the three­fold struc­ture of the in­tel­lect with the self-con­scious­ness; and this is a gift of the in­ner breath to the self-con­scious­ness.

The Means to Perceive the Inner Breath
  With kind permission of AAR EDITION INTERNATIONAL