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The Superiority of Music
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The Legacy of
Our Ancestors

The Task Set by
Our Ancestors


Peter Hübner
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  Music and Speech
The Task Set by Our Ancestors

To build a bridge be­tween our shadowlike pre­sent lan­guage, which dis­tin­guishes only be­tween light and dark, and the col­our­ful world of mu­si­cal de­scrip­tion is our chal­lenge, self-im­posed, as well as set by our an­ces­tors.
And to ac­com­plish this task is the ful­fill­ing achieve­ment of our in­di­vid­ual self-re­ali­za­tion.

The Bridge From Music to Speech
“There is noth­ing higher than
to come closer than oth­ers
to the di­vin­ity and from here
to spread the rays of di­vin­ity among the hu­man race.”


Here, in the self-knowl­edge, lies the hid­den treas­ure which our an­ces­tors used so magi­cally and pow­er­fully and which we to­day, af­ter a long pe­riod of cul­tural disin­te­gra­tion, dis­cover again.

The Hidden Treasure of Our Ancestors
Eve­ry­one has self-aware­ness, un­der­stand­ing, feel­ing, and the power of dis­crimi­na­tion. Eve­ry­one thinks, hears, feels, sees, tastes, and smells.
In all great eras, one’s per­sonal mas­tery over the in­ner-hu­man pow­ers was the golden key for the ful­fill­ing, suc­cess­ful, and col­our­ful or­gani­za­tion of life. The mes­sage of mu­sic bears wit­ness of this, and in­spires us to as­sume this in­ner rul­er­ship again: to har­mon­ize our in­di­vid­ual, so­cial, and eco­logi­cal life.

Here also lies the eter­nal task of the mu­si­cian. And when he en­ters this sphere of the har­mony and learns how to rule it and how to cre­ate and form in it, he has unravelled the eter­nal mys­tery of the re­al­ity of mu­sic for him­self and for oth­ers.

The Golden Key to the Perfect Organization of Life
“Art! Who un­der­stands her?
With whom can one speak about this
great god­dess?”


  With kind permission of AAR EDITION INTERNATIONAL