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Peter Hübner
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Peter Hübner – Nature’s Laws of Harmony in the Microcosm of Music

The Epistemological Principles of
Medical Resonance Therapy Music®

With Medical Resonance Therapy Music®, the approach to the activation and strength­en­ing of the natural healing processes is based on the age-old recognition that the natural laws of harmony of the microcosm of music and biological evolution are identical.
What is interesting about this method is that it does not require any knowledge about biological naturopathy, but needs only knowledge of the natural musical regeneration processes within the microcosm of music.

Medical Resonance Therapy Music® is not music in the general sense of the word and, as such, serves not to entertain but to be used purely for medical purposes.

The beauty of the harmonic musical preparations is directed at individual acceptance – but beyond the pleasant musical enjoyment, nature’s laws of harmony contained in the fine structures of the microcosm of the music are of central medical significance, as they alone produce the positive health-promoting effects.

Recently, leading medical practitioners have been able to show that the human or­gan­ism’s different biological rhythms obey the laws of musical harmony.
Prof. Dr. med. G. Hildebrandt, one of the founders of, and a leading expert in chronomedicine, talks of this, in terms of human physiology, directly as ‘music physi­ol­ogy’.

Today it is clearly far more easily possible to gain specialist insight into the natural mu­si­cal regeneration processes of the microcosm of music, than into the structurally cor­re­spond­ing natural healing processes in living biological organisms.

And if it is now true – what all great thinkers amongst mankind have claimed and what more recent studies have indicated – that the natural laws of harmony of the microcosm of music are identical to those of biological life, then our scientific musical knowledge about the natural regeneration processes in the microcosm of music could open up the possibility for us to activate and strengthen the natural healing powers inherent in living organisms – and those investigations, about which Professor Reznikov will be re­port­ing, lend weight to this assumption.

Micro Music Laboratories®
Investigations into natural regeneration processes
in the microcosm of music

“In one single sound alone – singled out
from the twittering of birds – it is possible
to discover a gigantic concert of birds, and in a single sound from the human voice one can hear – if one listens carefully – massive choirs, full of sounds and individual songs.”
Peter Hübner

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